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Moroccan Wallet

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The iPhone Case Moroccan Wallet is made of beautiful leather

The inner of the Moroccan Wallet iPhone Case is made of smooth soft leather designed to protect your phone screen from scratches. With a secure rubberized TPU holder to keep your phone securely in place, it is the ultimate shock absorber providing scratch resistance and drop protection ensuring your iPhone stays safe at all times.

A beautiful cut and engraving

The iPhone Case Moroccan WalletiPhone Case Moroccan Wallet is designed specifically for your phone model. It is an authentic Snakehive design with three credit card slots and a larger note slot on the inside of the wallet. The leather cover allows access to all ports, including the charger and camera when the case is fully closed.

Every leather case is hand-stitched to a high level of attention to detail in a matching shade to the leather. The leather cover has a useful viewing stand function, which enables you to turn your iPhone on its side to landscape mode to easily view videos.

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  • Scratch Resistance
  • Drop Protection
  • Soft Leather
  • Moroccan Design