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Mini Bluetooth Speaker

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Enjoy great sound in a speaker with a simple and compact design

Sublime Sound Quality 

Two high-performance speakers and bass diaphragms work together to perfectly interpret the middle, high and low sounds. No matter how many kinds of instruments in the song, they can display clear and intelligent noise reduction, making the sound more realistic.

The Mini Bluetooth Speaker is exquisitely designed, nice and nice. The interface is simple and intuitive, with no redundancy, allowing you to quickly play the world of music.

Connected with Apple devices 

Bluetooth 4.1 wireless transmission technology, high efficiency and stable wireless output, strong anti-interference performance, compatible with ios smartphones, you can freely connect with your mobile phone, Apple tablet ,notebook, PSP and other digital/audio devices.

Listening favorite music with intelligent audio system 

Built-in intelligent decoding system can directly play TF card and U disk pre-stored MPS WMA format music files, spare 3.5mm audio interface, super compatibility, in the absence of Bluetooth devices, wired audio output playback is also outstanding.


    • Modern design
    • Excellent sound performance
    • HD noise canceling microphone
    • Large capacity battery
    • hand free calls