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Endoscope for iphone

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The camera can capture HD images

This Endoscope for iPhone can capture HD images of places inaccessible to human eyes and you can also record what you shoot in your Camera.The images and videos of this endoscope are clearer and more stable.

Wireless Camera

The Endoscope for iphone is wireless wifi, it can connect wirelessly to your smartphone. You can monitor the image of this camera endoscope via your mobile phone. 

Useful in the dark & waterproof Camera

The Endoscope for iphone has 6 LEDs on the lens and a brightness regulator, useful in the dark, it can also capture the bright image in the shadow place. Adopting the IP68 waterproof rating, so this endoscope is waterproof, which allows it to work in multiple environments, such as underwater locations.

Multiple usages Camera

The Endoscope Camera for iPhone allows great freedom to explore confined spaces such as curved holes or pipes. Ideal for sewer pipes, underwater exploration, automotive, air condition, cleaning the pipe, search and rescue, machine, engine, ventilation duct, parts assembly, equipment inspection. 


    • Wireless Connection
    • Waterproof
    • Lens(mm): 8mm
    • built-in 500mAh Battery