Anti Gravity iPhone Case

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Super useful, the Anti Gravity iPhone Case is innovative and revolutionary. This iPhone accessory will amaze you.

What exactly is the Anti Gravity Case?

The Anti Gravity iPhone Case is above all a Case but, unlike the ordinary Case, it does more than just protect your smartphone. Indeed, this most original accessory will allow you to use your smartphone while keeping both hands free! As a result, for selfies, there are new habits for much better quality photos with no movement when shooting.

Note that this case adheres perfectly to any smooth and flat surface by using tiny suction cups; wall, mirror, furniture wall, tile, whiteboard, windshield or dashboard. These are just some of the surfaces that can accommodate the Anti Gravity Case.

The Anti Gravity Case will make your life easier

It is not possible to list all the possibilities of using the Anti Gravity iPhone Case but this Case is particularly interesting during Facetime sessions; imagine cooking while enjoying a discussion on Skype, or if you are one of those who use the smartphone to film yourself in video, during a sportive performance or a small make-up tutorial, the Anti-Gravity Case is also very interesting.

The same goes for film lovers; even in your bath, you can have a good time in front of a series or a film since you just have to stick the smartphone comfortably installed in the Anti Gravity Case on the ceramic wall, the door or the facet of a piece of furniture.

Preserve the grip efficiency with water

Suction cups are easy to clean with a damp cloth, restore themselves and resist temperatures. For cleaning, simply wipe the case with a little water or other cleaning solution.

For which smartphones?

The Anti Gravity Case is compatible with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, but also with iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus or iPhone 5.


  • Perfect for hands-free use and for selfies
  • Cut-out holes for the camera cover all edges
  • The elaborate design allows an optimal screen