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Wooden Speaker Bluetooth

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Excellent audio quality

The Wooden Speaker Bluetooth has Dual-powered - full-range HD dual speakers + bass diaphragm, two high-performance speakers plus bass diaphragm, interacting with each other, the middle and high-level three-tone perfect interpretation, no matter how many kinds of instruments in the song can show clear intelligence Noise reduction makes the sound more realistic!

Great wireless range

The Wooden Speaker Bluetooth is long standby, let happiness continue to transmit. It has 1200mAh large capacity battery and energy-saving optimization circuit. After a full charge, you can play for 6-8 hours, enjoy music, how can you not force the key moments.

A multifunctional speaker

Through the use of the Bluetooth wooden speaker, enjoy hands-free mode, a single call button - built-in high-definition noise-cancelling microphone, support two-way voice calls, and at the same time, you can answer and hang up over the speakers, let yourself enjoy a free call ! full FM radio range - lazy afternoon, turn on the radio of the Bluetooth wooden speaker, listen to new entertainment programs, and enjoy life !

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  • Powerful Bass
  • Wood Design
  • High Wireless Autonomy