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Give your iPhone a nostalgic effect of the 1980s

Our  iPhone Case Cassette Tape for iPhone are of high quality and have attractive, eye-catching print. They are made from hard plastic and have a high gloss surface which makes the case shiny and stylish. Cases are made using new,High technology that makes them very light and thin that provides a comfortable grip. It is very easy and simple to install the case on the phone and you will have access to all it inputs and outputs including a camera.Revisit the 80s as the hero Star Lord.

A elegant and Confortable Case

The iPhone Case Cassette Tape is a Slim Snap on Clip case with a perfect fit. Full access to camera, buttons, and ports. made of premium quality plastic TPU clip inside, durable and strong. high quality and hard wearing scratch free image printed onto the cover.


  • Very Thin
  • Retro 80s' year Design
  • Protect phone against abrasion
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Allow access to all ports, sensors, and inputs